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  1. SPECIAL! Automotive Controller’s Playbook 2018

    SPECIAL! Automotive Controller’s Playbook 2018

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Discount Price: $138.00

    As low as: $0.00

    SPECIAL- Release Date August 20, 2018
    Hard Copy Format (PDF Is Available at No Change to Members)

    The 2018 Edition for Dealership Controllers & CFOs.

    Essays from Workshops Presented by Retail Automotive Financial and Management Experts.

    Focusing on Vital Concepts Every Dealership Controller and CFO Need to Master.

    Essays Included in this 215+ page collection:

    Chapter 1 Controllers Making a Big Difference
    Fighting Lower Gross Margins & Rising Expenses
    Accounting Office Consolidation for Multi-Location Auto Groups
    Controller WOW Factor – 5 Quick Changes for Storewide Improvements
    How, Why & When of Captive Insurance Companies for Auto Dealers
    Ideal Pay Plans for General Managers
    How to Apply for Retail on Factory Warranty Claims
    Re-Thinking the Parts Pricing Matrix

    Chapter 2 Controllers Planning for the Future
    Mega-Trends in Auto Retailing Today
    Rewarding Key Managers – Compensation/Profit Participation/Equity
    Due Diligence Essentials for Buyers and Sellers
    Successful Succession Planning for Today’s Auto Dealers
    Succession Part 2: Maintaining Income & Control in Generational Transitions

    Chapter 3 Controllers and U.S. Gov’t Regulation and Taxation
    How to Reduce Exposure to Gov’t Agencies and Enforcers
    Everything Auto Dealers Need to Know About IRS Form 1099
    Everything Auto Dealers Need to Know About IRS Form 8300
    U.S. Tax Reform 2018 – What’s In There for Auto Dealers

    Chapter 4 Controllers Employing Financial Reporting & Planning Tools
    Automotive Financial Statement Analysis for Managers
    Forecasting – Why Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives are Required
    How to Forecast & Budget for an Uncertain Car Market
    How to Manage Your Balance Sheet & Turn Paper Profits into Cash
    How to Get Better Information from Your DMS
    Dealership Staffing Metrics Learn More
  2. Jeff Sacks' Dealership Pay Plans That Work

    Jeff Sacks' Dealership Pay Plans That Work

    Regular Price: $495.00

    Special Discount Price: $395.00


    Put the right pay formula or plan in place to improve your business model and results.
    Consider employing pay plans that :
    -- Reduce inter-department conflict
    -- Elevate personnel productivity
    -- Improve customer retention

    Consider changing vertically designed pay plans into more functional horizontal pay plans!

    This 100+ Page Guide contains hundreds of Sample Pay Plans, indexed by dealership department and profit center.

    Pay Plan Samples and Jeff Sacks' commentary Indexed for:

    -- Variable/Sales Department Managers
    -- Fixed Operations Department Managers
    -- Sales Consultants
    -- Service Advisors and Technicians
    -- Non-Management Parts Personnel
    -- Accounting Staff
    -- … and more!


    About Jeff Sacks:
    Jeff Sacks is considered one of the premier experts in dealership operations with a 30+ year career that warrants the high regard he’s held in.

    Jeff immigrated to the United States in 1977 and immersed himself in the world of car dealership operations. He gained a degree in accounting and one in business finance, and together with his ‘in the seat’ practical experience, he carved out an enviably unique insight into dealership operations that has helped many clients across the global automotive industry.

    After gaining first-hand experience in a variety of dealerships, Jeff established Jeff Sacks & Associates, a consulting company dealing with the specific needs of his automotive clients. Years later, he created and facilitated the General Manager’s Bootcamp. In 2009, Jeff returned to his roots as operating President with Jeff Sacks & Associates (Jeff Sacks Auto) in order to provide customized programs to his clients, including the highly respected General Manager Workshop.

    Jeff’s passion and vision in the industry has made him a sought-after speaker, helping to improve dealership functionality relating to process improvement strategies, asset and expense controls, computer utilization, management information systems and more. Learn More
  3. BKTJ Dealership Money-Manager's Playbook - World Class Best Practices

    BKTJ Dealership Money-Manager's Playbook - World Class Best Practices


    New Guide Profiles Proven Strategies for Asset and Profit Management... (200+ Pages)

    No charge PDF Download or Hard Copy (+$98) - Non Member Price $298!

    Learn what the best Dealership Financial Managers are doing to....

    -Nurture and Protect the Dealership's Assets
    -Maximize Profit and ROI
    -Take Advantage of New Savings and Money-Making Opportunities
    -Protect the Value of the Automotive Enterprise

    This Guide contains Executive Summaries of 24 Senior Dealership Management Topics... all drawn from DealersEdge Workshops featuring a team of Industry Experts... each a specialist in their field.

    Here's What's Included:

    Financial Controls & Analysis

    -Accounting Office Consolidation for Multi-Location Dealer Groups
    -How to Manage the Balance Sheet & Turn Paper Profits Into Hard Cash
    -How to Maintain Your Focus on Expense Controls... Even in the Good Times
    -How, Why & When to Create Your Own Captive Insurance Company
    -Which Government Agencies are Targeting Auto Dealers...How to Reduce Exposure

    Financial Controls & Analysis- Focus on Fixed Ops

    -The Service Pricing Challenge: How to Leverage your Competitiveness
    -5 Keys to Avoiding the Perils of Factory or Extended Warranty Audits
    -Re-thinking the Parts Pricing Matrix to Maximize Profits
    -Aging Parts... Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts?
    -How to Avoid Physical Parts Inventory Nightmares... Getting Acct'g & Parts on Same Page

    Managing Dealership Information Systems & Costs

    -Dealership Technology Requirements for Increased Productivity in 2016-17
    -CyberSecurity... Evaluating Your Risks & Protecting the Dealership
    -Independent CRMs vs the DMS CRMs? How to Make an Informed Choice...
    -Gillrie Reports: How to Guard Against Sudden DMS Price Increases & Policy Changes

    Building & Protecting the Value of the Business

    -How Your Dealership Business Plan May be Eroding Future Enterprise Value
    -Dealership Valuation... "Blue Sky" is NOT What it Used to Be
    -Big Themes from the Kerrigan "Blue Sky Report"

    Nurturing Your Most Important Asset - Your Team

    -Guiding Your Team to Success... The Management Magic of One-on-One Coaching
    -Tips on How and Why to Hire Millennials (GenY) for Your Dealership
    -Predicting Success With a Better Hiring Process
    -Employment Law for Car Dealers... 4 Things you Need to Know
    -Fearless Firing... Effective, Confident & Humane...and Staying Out of Trouble


    Our Team of Experts

    All the Essays in this Guide are Executive Summaries reporting on the expert content provided by these well-known auto industry experts:

    -Jodi Kippe, CPA and Kara Perkins CPA from Crowe Horwath
    -Brooke Samples from Profit Blueprints
    -Kevin Gilbreath, CPA and Senior Tax Manager at Crowe Horwath
    -Jim Radogna, Founder of Dealer Compliance Consultants
    -Les Silver, of the KEEPS Corporation
    -Erik Nachbahr, of Helion Technologies
    -Joe Riccie, CPA and Seth Danberry of WithumSmith & Brown
    -Paul Gillrie, of The Gillrie Institute
    -Rob Campbell, of WithumSmith & Brown
    -Ryan Kerrigan, of Kerrigan Advisors
    -Stuart McCallum CPA and Steve Schumacher CPA from Crowe Horwath
    -Stefan Drechsel, of The Gillrie Institute
    -Chuck Hartle', of PartsEdge
    -Steve Nickelsen, of Nickelsen/DealersEdge and Nickelsen Partners
    -Kevin Baumgart, of Hireology
    -Charles Feuss, J.D., of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
    -Mike Nicholes, of Nicholes Capital Management

    All represented in this Guide! Learn More
  4. SD Best Practices: How the Smartest Dealers Thrive in a Down Market

    SD Best Practices: How the Smartest Dealers Thrive in a Down Market

    Regular Price: $298.00

    Special Discount Price: $0.00

    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF Format)

    The retail auto business has been in a prolonged slump for most new car dealers, but while some continue to struggle - others learn to thrive by adapting to new strategies and marketing goals.

    Cutting costs can be effective and is an important objective - but looking past what you can save - and on to what you can sell is the true measure of those who will win in 2007 and beyond.

    Our editors have written about many of these dealers and their "out-of-the-box" thinking over the past several years and we have organized their efforts in this important new guide Learn More
  5. CR Best Practices: Dealership Cost Control & Expense Reduction

    CR Best Practices: Dealership Cost Control & Expense Reduction

    Regular Price: $298.00

    Special Discount Price: $0.00

    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF Format)

    Car dealers are survivors. New vehicle sales may be slow for many, but this just seems to bring out the best in you and your fellow dealers.

    The retail car business is complex, and that provides you with more than one way to make money. And you're good at it.

    And in times like these, you also become "expense hounds" looking to maximize the profitability of every profit center by carefully controlling your costs - especially your overhead costs!

    Over the past two years we have written much on expense controls and have brought all of these reports together in one manual for your easy reference. See the topical chapter headings.

    Looking for new ways to fatten the bottom line - this report has 91 of them - just waiting for you to adapt and implement in your store. Learn More
  6. BMPN DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game

    BMPN DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game

    Regular Price: $298.00

    Special Discount Price: $0.00

    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF Format)

    DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game

    Love 'em or hate 'em, numbers are a critical piece to the Parts management puzzle.

    Simply put, numbers are your detailed score card of what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Master the numbers game and your Parts department will consistently deliver solid profits. Misunderstand or ignore the numbers and your department, and your job, are in serious jeopardy.
    No matter where you are on the "numbers learning curve," you'll want to take a look at this just released guide — DealersEdge Benchmarks & Best Practices: Winning the Parts Management Numbers Game.

    Discover practical ideas to help you:
    • Fine tune your DMS to produce more accurate reports
    • Spot profit opportunities in your financial statements
    • Improve off-the-shelf fill rates and level of service
    • Increase inventory turns and minimize obsolescense
    • Maximize ROI on the dealer's investment in inventory
    • Show your entire Parts team how their efforts affect the dealership's bottom line
    Find out how the magic of numbers management can help you squeeze thousands of additional profit dollars from your parts inventory. Discover:
    • How carefully reviewing financial statements helped one Parts Manager cut costs and increase gross profits by $50,000 a year
    • Proven strategies to improve forecasting on slow moving parts and reduce that idle capital
    • A systematic approach to uncovering and eliminating the root cause of parts obsolescence
    • Where to look when your physical inventory doesn't match what's on the books
    • Two commonly overlooked reports every Parts Manager should use as part of their inventory management routine
    • How properly using receipt codes can help you accuratelymeasure your purchasing performance
    • Techniques for winning the debate over how to handle parts costs on vehicle reconditioning
    • Mike Nicholes' ten question inventory management quiz
    • An exercise guaranteed to help you recapture lost sales postings
    • The 12 most important aspects to parts department management from Lloyd Schiller
    If you're not already convinced, consider this... If the guide helps you better understand even one or two key concepts of Parts management by the numbers then your investment will be returned many times over. Learn More
  7. BMMN Professional Inventory Management

    BMMN Professional Inventory Management

    Regular Price: $298.00

    Special Discount Price: $0.00

    (Manual - Available in Downloadable .PDF or Hard Copy Format)

    This latest publication by Mike Nicholes of Mike Nicholes Capital Management, Inc., contains the latest and most up-to-date guidelines and methodologies for helping the parts department fulfill its #1 mandate: Satisfying technician demand in the service department.

    The Mike Nicholes name and Professional Inventory Management have been synonymous for over 30 years. This manual, is the "must have" guide for any auto dealership parts manager serious about maintaining and improving their inventory management skills.

    Used in Mike's seminars, this manual (and its preceding edition) is valued by parts managers representing every manufacturer. And for anyone who has attended Mike's live seminar sessions, you know that this book is a valued resource, an important instructional, as well as a useful reference guide.

    Special Section on ASR - Automatic Stock Replenishment (GM dealerships read RIM) - and its impact on dealership parts managers and effective inventory controls. This is a "must read" for everyone currently experiencing this quickly evolving change in philosophy. It is important as well for every other parts manager as more and more OEMs are considering similar systems. These new replenishment systems represent the future of inventory management and the sooner you understand and master them the better.

    Auto Dealership Part Management - A Detailed Numbers Game
    That just could be an obvious overstatement - analysis of the stats and reports generated through your DMS and other sources - that is how truly professional parts managers put themselves head and shoulders above their peers. In this manual, Mike Nicholes will demonstrate the strategies, measurements and analysis that can help any parts manager - rookie or seasoned pro. Master the inventory and produce higher bottom line profits. He will demonstrate how simple-to-apply principles of inventory management and analysis of your stats can help you identify and solve hidden inventory problems!

    Simply an "essential tool" for all dealership parts managers! Mike is a genius of parts inventory management. He likes to say that it is not rocket science, but it does take knowledge and understanding - the knowledge and understanding that he communicates very clearly in this manual. Learn More

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